*Original/ certified copy of Report Card (Form 138). *Original/ Certified copy of Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate. *Letter of Recommendation/ Certificate of Good Moral Character from the Principal or Guidance Counselor (Grades III -2nd Year only) *Photocopy of the parents’ marriage contract for Grade 3 applicants only. *One recent 1 x 1 ID picture with name written at the back. *Passing mark in the entrance examination (except Kinder 1) and interview.ELIGIBILITY Kinder 1 applicant (4 years old as of June) – can write his /her name – can recognize colors and shapes – can write alphabet and numbers (preferably) Kinder 2 applicant (5 years old as of June) – can write his/her name – can read a three -letter word Grade 1 applicant (6 years old as of June) Grade 2 applicant must have a general average of 80%. Grade 3 to 2nd Year transferee must have at least an average of 80% and should be of good moral character. ADMISSION_FORM_BED_ (1)

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  1. Marie anthonette obcena says:

    Do you accept 3rd year tranferee?because we just move to pasig.

  2. jasmin sabio says:

    do 3rd year transferees need to take exams?

  3. frans says:

    Do you accept the transferee for up coming grade 8?

    • LCC-PASIG says:

      yes mam.. or call our information counter for more information at 641-8599 / 501-4001 at the principal office.. thank you and good day po…

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