Brief History

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La Consolacion College-Pasig is located at 641 Mercedes Avenue, San Miguel, Pasig City. It is a Catholic co-educational institution situated in a 2.1-hectare lot. It is administered by the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation. Entering the school campus, one steps into vast grassy fields and tall trees providing favorable environment for meaningful learning.

It features various facilities designed to give full and value-added support to the rigorous learning process in the school.

The school traces its roots on June 14, 1993 when 112 pupils distributed from Kinder to Grade IV embarked on a journey to search for truth through Augustinian Education. The OSA Sisters soon expanded the school building to answer the growing demand of the community. As the years passed by, the growth enables the administration to give a better quality service among its clientele.

La Consolacion College-Pasig aims to form authentic Filipino Christian Nationalists who have acquired knowledge and skills, virtues and habits of heart and mind, and whose commitment to their faith and country is manifested through their love for, concern and service to thePoorDeprivedOppressed and Exploited (PDOE) brethren.


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